Interactive Charts

rbiEXPERT provides the capability of interacting directly with the database to choose the statistics you wish to view and custom tailor the information to your customers' needs. Interacting simply means that you can opt to view stats any number of ways by choosing home type, location, time period, etc. You can dissect the data further by property characteristics such as number of bedrooms, living area square footage, price range and more.

rbiEXPERT offers four distinct modules where the data can be accessed. The Market Activity module tracks inventory trends. The Pricing module tracks median and average sale price changes. The Days On Market module tracks length of time between listing and sale, while the Sold Price to List Price Ratio module compares aggregate original list price to sold price for a given area/segment. All of the modules allow subscribers access to the most recent and historical metrics.

rbiEXPERT allows you the freedom to create easily transferred charts and graphs based on the stats you want to represent from the regional level down to the ZIP code level. There is also the capability to view the data in a list view format for easy uploading into Excel or other spreadsheet software.

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Choose data relevant to your clients

By clicking on the facet bar, subscribers have the ability to switch the focus of the data according to the property characteristics they choose. Click on the link below to learn more about creating custom charts with just a few clicks.

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Easily transfer custom charts to your site or blog

All of the resulting charts, lists and graphs created by the subscriber can be easily transferred and embedded to the subscriber's website, blog or newsletter. You pick the content, do a simple copy-and-paste, and you'll have evergreen, auto-updating stats on your website - keeping your content timely without requiring your maintenance

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Easy exporting to supplement your existing marketing and reports

Customize the statistics as desired, then export as PDF, Excel or PNG in order to include local trends in your offline marketing collateral or as needed to suit your business intelligence needs.